Portfolio Management 

People - MidCap Financial Services, LLC*

Brett Robinson
Managing Director – Portfolio Management and Operations • Bethesda, MD • brobinson@midcapfinancial.com • 301-841-6485

Brett Robinson currently heads the management of MidCap’s secured lending portfolio of asset based, life sciences, and real estate loans. Mr. Robinson is also responsible for operations at MidCap. Prior to joining MidCap, Mr. Robinson served as Director at Merrill Lynch Capital Healthcare Finance with the lead responsibility for the management of the real estate, asset based and life sciences portfolios. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Robinson served as Product Leader for asset based portfolio management at GE Capital Healthcare Commercial Finance and its predecessors. Before entering the healthcare lending industry in 1999, Mr. Robinson spent 9 years in commercial banking with BB&T, Mellon Bank and Citizens Bank. Mr. Robinson holds a M.B.A. from American University and a B.S. in Management from Tulane University.

Luis Viera
Managing Director – Portfolio Management • Bethesda, MD • lviera@midcapfinancial.com • 301-841-6487

Luis Viera currently leads the portfolio management effort for MidCap’s Leveraged Lending and Life Sciences Lending group. Prior to joining MidCap, Mr. Viera led the leveraged lending portfolio management team for Merrill Lynch Capital Healthcare Finance. Mr. Viera has also worked in various originations, underwriting and portfolio management capacities for GE Capital Global Sponsor Finance Group and its predecessor entity, Heller Financial’s middle market sponsor finance business. Mr. Viera holds an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a B.S. in Finance from Florida Southern College.

People - Apollo Capital Management, L.P.*

Maurice Amsellem
Principal • Bethesda, MD • mamsellem@apolloLP.com • 240-630-2703

Maurice Amsellem is responsible for the oversight of all portfolio matters related to MidCap Financial. Prior to joining Apollo Capital Management, Maurice Amsellem served as a Managing Director - Portfolio Manager for the Real Estate, Life Sciences and Asset Based groups at MidCap for over six years. Mr. Amsellem served in a similar capacity at Merrill Lynch Capital Healthcare Finance, where he initiated the Life Sciences portfolio management group. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch Capital, Mr. Amsellem worked for over 10 years in accounting and financial management including serving as CFO for a construction company and a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. Mr. Amsellem holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgetown University. Mr. Amsellem is a Certified Public Accountant and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

* See "Firm Overview" page for information on MidCap Financial's relationship with MidCap Financial Services, LLC and Apollo Capital Management, L.P.