Commercial Real Estate Lending

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Our commercial real estate lending platform is focused on providing debt solutions through tailored loan structures for investors throughout the United States. The team is made up of seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of capital markets and commercial real estate. Our ability to originate, structure, underwrite, manage and service our loans provides a seamless and unparalleled commitment to executing on behalf of the client. Our team focuses in primarily floating rate first mortgage financing for the acquisition, renovation, repositioning, and refinancing of all types of commercial real estate.

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Student Housing
Student Housing
“We have closed multiple heavy value-add transactions with MidCap Financial over the last few years. These transactions involved repurposing properties and significant construction work. In each instance, I appreciated their originator’s efforts to understand a complicated deal, quickly deliver a term sheet, and close at the agreed-upon terms. Their underwriters were transparent and capable. Similarly, their portfolio management and loan servicing team is experienced and responsive, which adds real value when working through extensive construction projects. I would certainly recommend MidCap Financial as a lender and look forward to working with them again.”
John Felker
Co-Chief Investment Officer
T2 Capital Management
“Most value-add real estate investments come with some level of complexity. Often the more complex a transaction the greater the opportunity. To capitalize on these situations, it is imperative to have a lending partner who has the capability to quickly understand a proposed transaction and appropriately structure a loan that allows execution of the business plan.  This is the experience Sounding Capital Partners has had with MidCap Financial over many transactions.  We know they will work quickly to find financing solutions that allow us to capitalize on the unique opportunities in the marketplace which ultimately results in enhanced returns to our stakeholders.”
Geoffrey Gardner
Sounding Capital Partners
“MidCap Financial is my lender of choice. They provide speed, creativity, and certainty of execution. I’ve closed two deals with them and in both instances, I’ve found the MidCap Financial team to be easy to work with, accommodative and quick to provide balanced solutions when issues arise.  I know when I bring them a deal, they will put their best foot forward in determining a creative and efficient capital solution for Red River and its investors. They are not just my lender, but a partner in my business.”
Bruce Stern
Red River Asset Management
“MidCap Financial provided us with two loans to acquire, fully renovate, and lease up two boutique multifamily properties in NYC. In both instances, MidCap Financial was quick to analyze the projects, the market and our business plan. Their team provided creativity and flexibility in their loan structures and executed with speed and reliability. We at Penn South Capital value our partnership with MidCap Financial and hope to grow the relationship in the years to come.”
Parag Sawhney
Managing Partner
Penn South Capital
“Patriot Equities has closed two loans with MidCap Financial over the past three years, including one that closed during COVID in early 2020. The assets were in several markets and included both office and industrial/flex, and each loan involved significant structure, including holdbacks for future leasing and release provisions, matching the requirements of our business plan. The MidCap Financial team provided the reliability we required to timely close each loan. We at Patriot Equities value our relationship with MidCap Financial and look forward to finding another opportunity to grow the relationship.”
Alan Werther
Partner & Executive Vice President
Patriot Equities
“At the earliest stages, MidCap Financial takes the time to discuss and analyze the details of a deal to gain an understanding of the sponsor, market, and business plan. On all three loans I’ve closed with MidCap Financial, the terms that we agreed upon at the beginning of the process were consistent with what MidCap Financial delivered at close. Additionally, MidCap Financial has been able to deliver on tight closing deadlines. Overall, my experience with MidCap Financial has been very positive, and I hope to continue to do much more business with this great lender.”
Dan Kearns
JLL Chicago
“MidCap Financial and I have closed two transactions together over the past year. Both were heavy lift life science conversion deals. In both instances, the MidCap Financial team took the time to fully analyze and understand the transactions and offered the Sponsors well thought out loan structures to accomplish each business plan. From execution of the application to closing, the deals were executed efficiently and consistently with the terms presented to the Sponsors. Overall, my experience with MidCap Financial has been very positive and I hope to continue to grow my relationship with the MidCap Financial team.”
Chad Orcutt
Senior Managing Director
“MidCap Financial and I have closed two transactions in recent years where in both cases MidCap Financial saw how attractive their basis would be regardless of project specific challenges that were present.  In both cases, MidCap Financial executed the transaction in quick order from initial presentation, to loan application and a successful, smooth closing.”
Will James
Colliers Atlanta
“MidCap Financial was selected as the Lender for our recent transaction due to their creativity in structuring a loan that matched the proposed business plan. Their loan was initially collateralized by a fractured condominium project and included advances for future unit acquisitions and unit renovations. MidCap Financial’s experience on similar transactions allowed them to quickly evaluate various nuances of the deal while progressing toward a successful closing.”
Blake Cohen
CBRE Atlanta
“MidCap Financial provided a thoughtful financing solution to refinance a pool of boutique student housing properties spread across multiple universities and additional flexibility to add assets to the collateral pool. The MidCap Financial team was efficient, easy to work with, and enabled us to achieve our financing objectives.”
National Student Housing Operator


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