FHA Lending

People - MidCap Financial Services, LLC

Brett Patrick
Managing Director – FHA Group Head • bpatrick@midcapfinancial.com • 303-757-2148

Prior to his position at MidCap Financial Housing Capital, Inc., Mr. Patrick most recently held a position with Johnson Capital in which he positioned the company as a top 20 FHA lender. He has over 23 years of mortgage banking experience and has successfully closed over 160 HUD transactions totaling over $1 billion in volume for healthcare and multifamily properties.

Ramona Mitchell
Director – FHA Underwriter • rmitchell@midcapfinancial.com • 703-379-0367

Ms. Mitchell has been involved in the processing, underwriting, and closing of HUD insured mortgages for the past 16 years. Her experience totals over $425 million in mortgage amount. She has had her MAP license since 2004 and her LEAN designation since 2010. Ms. Mitchell is approved to underwrite multifamily and healthcare transactions.

Brian Therkildsen
Vice President – FHA Underwriter • btherkildsen@midcapfinancial.com • 303-757-2408

Mr. Therkildsen has six years of HUD underwriting experience and has been involved in the processing, underwriting, and closing of 39 HUD transactions totaling over $277 million in mortgage amount. Mr. Therkildsen has over 10 years of financial analysis experience, including reviewing requests by mortgagor for release and payment of funds from various escrow accounts.

Yvonne Redd
Vice President – FHA Servicing • yredd@midcapfinancial.com • 203-853-4144

Ms. Redd has over 27 years of professional experience and expertise in FHA and GNMA mortgage servicing and operations. She has extensive experience with FHA and Ginnie Mae Lender Multifamily regulations, procedures, compliance and reporting.